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"Prince Charming: Where are You?" This book is about Belief, Confidence, and Self-Worth. Helping us let go of the impossilbe... so that we can meet the possible! We’re all on our own journey, so every chapter will touch each soul differently. This is our reality, and we have the choice to make it a bitter one. Or, a better one!


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"Prince Charming Where Are You?"

Norma Bryant  Howard

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What are folks saying?

My mentor Norma Bryant Howard wrote an amazing book, "Prince Charming, Where are You?" I started reading it this morning after Amazon delivered it to my door and I have NOT put it down yet! I', loving this book !!! Kudos to you Ms. Howard!

- Courtney Larisa

Excellent read – this book pulls you into to a self-reflection process, the reader will walk through an identity check-up of who they are and what they want and deserve from the relationships they bring into their lives as they press forward in this puzzle we call life. “Prince Charming Where Are You?” will have you falling back in love with YOU, then and only then are you able to grow and give authentic love to others.

- Tonya Walsh

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

Norma Bryant  Howard