"Open up your heart! Take some of the harshness out and give love another try!"

Norma Bryant  Howard

About Me

As the daughter of a Baptist minister, Norma Bryant Howard has dedicated her life to teaching, mentoring and training. She holds a Master's Degree in Education from the University of Louisville, and for over 30 years, has been a public school teacher, motivational speaker, and a highly acclaimed instructor in life-skills workshops. She created, wrote, produced, and directed a one-woman stage play, and is the co-author of the bestselling book, A Massive Dose of Motivation." Her work has taken her from Kingston, Jamaica to Toronto, Canada. She also has a college Initiative of service where she distributes personal hygiene bags for deserving college girls. After launching her own Professional Singles Organization, she decided to widen her spectrum even more by writing "Prince Charming Where Are You?" so that she can share her message with the world!

Education and Certifications

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Master's Degree (M.Ed) in Education

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Taught over 30 years in Elementary, Middle, High and University Level


"Prince Charming Where Are You?"

Co- Author of "Massive Dose of Motivation"

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Motivational Speaker

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Online Course Creator

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Relationship Coach


Norma Bryant  Howard


My Vision and Mission

My Vision is to dispel a lot of myths that women have with all their lives. Such as if you wait long enough a wonderful successful man will just walk into your life.

I am focusing on single women regardless of their age and across all generational lines.

Being a spiritual woman to give out information without crossing the line on being risque and remaining true to my core values.